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The best programs you can find

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The best programs you can find

Post by DJM76 on Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:48 am

Free CommanderFree Commander is the best alternative to Windows Explorer, its highly customizable and has a dual pane side by side or top and bottom view available
dvdfabFor all your dvd and blu-ray backup needs, this program has it all
Apache OpenofficeOpenoffice is your all in one free text editor
MalwarebytesOne of the best malware programs I have used, it has fixed a lot of things other programs couldn't
Paint.netA great free alternative to Photoshop for editing photos
Teamviewer(Secure Remote Desktop Access, Support, and Collaboration Solutions Connecting People, Platforms, and Technologies) A great way to help family, friends and customers with tech support for there PC from anywhere in the world
HxDHxD is a free to use Hex Editor

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