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[FREE COMMANDER] Creating multiple directories

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[FREE COMMANDER] Creating multiple directories Empty [FREE COMMANDER] Creating multiple directories

Post by DJM76 on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:29 am

Lets say you want to make a new folder with Free Commander, but you need to make a lot of directories as well, press F7 or right click and create a new folder, then type:
This will create a fold with a structure like this in whatever folder you are currently in, example: D:\movies\*GoT\S1
Everything after the * is the new folder you just created.

OK, now lets say you want to create multiple folders within the "GoT" folder you are currently in, type:
The | in between the sub folders is shift+\ above the Enter button on most keyboards.
This will create a directory like this:

OK, now lets say, this is a new folder and you want to do the folder + 3 sub folders, you would type it like this:
GoT\S1 |GoT\S2 |GoT\S3

This will create the main folder and 3 sub folders as well. Note, you do not have to have spaces or add spaces in between the | and the folder name, so it can be entered either way such as:
GoT \ S1
GoT\s1 |Got\s2

Hope this guide helped some.


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