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Marvel Heroes Omega

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Marvel Heroes Omega

Post by DJM76 on Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:42 am

This game has apparently been out for awhile on PC, but has recently come to Xbox and ps4 and so far i am liking it a lot, it reminds me somewhat of the old Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, well the first one, I thought the 2nd one sucked.
Even though they claim this game is free to play, it is by far the most expensive free to play game i have ever played, there may be more expensive free to play games out there, but I haven't come across anything as pricey as this.

Anyways PC players can download it on Steam or via the website Marvel Heroes Omega

PS4 and Xbox owners can download it from their respective store.

The console version of this game is super far out of date, even though it just launched in June, the PC version is currently at version 2.16 and the consoles are at 1.12, which sucks cuz we don't have half the stuff the PC has currently.

To help out here are a few guides I found that seem useful

PC forums and Console forums

This is a great starter guide, it describes everything from Donating items to level up crafters instead of selling them, about prestige and more
Marvel heroes Omega starter guide

This guide shows all the Artifacts you can get and from which bosses
Boss Artifacts

PC forums post about the different difficulties
Higher Difficulties

Also, on PC, there is 3 difficulties as far as I can see, Normal, Heroic and Cosmic. The normal mode drops up to epic (purple items) and heroic drops Cosmic (yellow items) and Unique (some weird ass brown colored items)

As for the consoles, there is 4 difficulties as of now, Normal which only drops up to Blue items, Heroic drops up to Purple items, Super heroic which drops up to Not sure and Cosmic which drops Cosmic items. The Console version is a lot tougher to gear for at the moment due to the lower patch version of the game, maybe when they get off their asses and give us an updated version, it won't be such a pain.

Other noticeable differences currently, PC version allows you to play as and purchase Super Villains as well as super heroes and the console versions do not.

The Consoles inventory is much easier to use, as everything is sorted by item slot, as where on the PC, its just one giant mess, imagine an explosion in your bedroom, thats what the PCs inventory looks like as of this posting.

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