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Here is your order

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Here is your order Empty Here is your order

Post by DJM76 on Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:17 am

Years and years ago, my manager used to complain how I needed a cell phone, so for my birthday, she bought me some cheep ass prepaid phone. The quality of phone calls was horrible and I never ever used it, out of the 100 minutes or w/e it came with, i still had like 93 left.

One day, I was starving and to save myself some time, I decided to call ahead on this crappy cell phone and order Chinese. I made the call from the stop light that was less than 100 feet from the store, like 1 minute away, I heard the man answer the phone, but it was really unclear as to what he said because the phone kept breaking up, I went to say my order and the phone call was disconnected, so I hung up.

Upon arriving at the store, the man said "Miller?" yes I replied, he said here is your order, I replied "I haven't placed my order yet, he repeated back what it was "sweet and sour chicken with beef fried rice?" he asked. Now im going crazy, i said i tried to call less than a minute ago and the call got disconnected, he explained he received the phone call almost 15 minutes prior and the food had been waiting for me to get there.

I am still freaking out years later how the hell this is possible, was my future fat ass self hungry and ordered food for me? or was this just some random thing, I will never know.

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