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Aint that some shit Empty Aint that some shit

Post by DJM76 on Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:34 am

I came into work on Monday night, i worked night shift mainly, I never had off on the weekends, I forget why I had this weekend off though, anyways, the other employees told me this story.

Now as you enter the front doors to the gas station, to the left is the register and to the right, less than 10 feet away is the restrooms, with a big ass sign that says "RESTROOMS" above them, no possible way to miss them.
So on Saturday, an old man comes into to the gas station and proceeds to scurry through the isles, he passes the restrooms in a hurry, walks into the back door to the back room, to the right is the cooler, to the left is the door to Blimpies (like subway, just better, well back then at least), so the guy proceeds to make his way through the Blimpies sub shop as employees are wondering wtf he is doing.

After exiting out the front area of Blimpies, he stops by the register and asks "where is the restrooms?" they point to the big ass sign, he rushes back towards them. The employees noticed a long trail of brown liquid coming from the front door and leading through entire path the man walked, even though the Blimpies area, he had shit his pants and was in so much of a rush, he didn't notice the restrooms and tried to find them.

So they noticed the old man just leave, not a word afterwards, but yet in quite a hurry. One of the employees went into the restroom and noticed the old man had completely missed the toilet and yet covered the walls in fecal matter. So after returning to work, they told me this story and said the mop i was using was the same mop they mopped the crap up with.... "OMFG YOU MORONS" I yelled, why the hell didn't you change it with a new mop head? they said because they rinsed it really good.

So anyways I changed the mop head, added a ton of bleach to the bucket and mopped the floor several times.
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