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PS4 Save file editors NOW AVAILABLE

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PS4 Save file editors NOW AVAILABLE

Post by DJM76 on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:26 pm

By now you may have heard about the PS4 save file editors coming out, well there are 2 out right now, here they are.

This is a newer program on the market but is by far the most up to date save file editor yet, it allows you to resign game saves, aka = download a save file and play it on your system or edit your own save files, it cost quite a bit, but its probably worth it.
Check out there website for more info.
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-Save wizard pros and cons-:
-Save wizard pros and cons-
Can resign saves
can use your own or downloaded save files
No online database of save files (not sure on this)

This company has been around forever, since I was a kid, ok since at least the 90s, they made the Game Shark, so I would trust this company over a new one any day and with that being said, the bad news is, it sounds like they do not have it where you can use your own save files yet, you have to download the save files from there servers, which is nice they offer this, this way you don't have to dig around 50 different sites in hopes of finding a save file to use, they already have it for you. the post in the box is from their FAQ
Can I use my own saves?
This current version of the software is focussed on making it simple for you to download saves from our extensive database of games – this was the most requested feature (by far) from our users. We appreciate you may want to use your own saves, or saves you have downloaded online, so re-regioning and re-signing of your own saves will be introduced as a new feature in the near future.
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-Xploder pros and cons-:
-Xploder pros and cons-
Company has been around longer than you have, most likely
Online database of save files to use, so no more searching for saves across hundreds of other sites
Not able to use your own saves as of this post
Not able to resign save files as of this post

Overall, it sounds as if Save Wizard wins the war right now, but according to their web site, its $60 USD and Xploder is $40 USD currently, maybe Xploder is cheaper atm due to the lack of features, but as long as they have been around, I doubt they are going anywhere soon.
Check out both editors and make your own decision.


If you are a "GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW" person, you know what I mean, the same idiot that pre-orders call of duty as soon as its announced EVERY YEAR even though its the same exact game as last year with slightly better graphics, then buy the Save Wizard, since it currently supports resigning of save files, you can just download a modded save file right now and play it on your system.

If your a "Eh, i can wait" type of person, you know those people who can wait till a game is half off in a month or 2 rather than buy it now and save tons of money later, like me, then get the Xploder , they have been around forever and won't disappoint.

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